Here are some tips to ensure your bitcoin address will be scanned at our ATM:

  1. Turn up the brightness on your phone all the way up
  2. Ensure that the background of the QR code is white. Some phones have a "Night Mode" option which turns screens dark. Please disable this option before continuing if you are experiencing issues.
  3. Hold your phone against the glass window (top left on the machine) for 5 seconds. Remove the phone, the cash receptor should turn blue
  4. Ensure your QR code is fully shown on the screen and not cut off
  5. Ensure you are using the correct address with the cryptocurrency you intend to purchase (bitcoin address to purchase bitcoin). A bitcoin address will start with either a "1", "3", or "bc1"

If all else fails, we recommend you view our personal Wallet provider list picks to use as your bitcoin wallet.