Only Bitcoin addresses (Not Bitcoin Cash) can be inputted to redeem your Flexepin voucher. A Bitcoin address, or simply address, is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 , 3 or bc1 that represents a possible destination for a bitcoin payment.

Here is an example of what a typical bitcoin address looks like:

Eg.  1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2

Eg.  3J98t1WpEZ73CNmQviecrnyiWrnqRhWNLy

Eg.  bc1qar0srrr7xfkvy5l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5mdq

To check the validity of your address, you can check it by posting your address in this website: