Although Localcoin does not endorse any wallets, we do offer some recommendations is extremely user friendly and offers a slew of features which are simply not available on more basic wallets - such as the potential to earn interest on your crypto, obtain crypto asset-back loans, stake crypto, invest in crypto portfolios and so much more. It does require an account setup with basic identity verification. If you use the following link to sign up, you can get $50 USD credited to your account in crypto!

Exodus is another option if you prefer to have a wallet which can stores, send and convert cryptocurrencies. No account setup is required*, and it is also a very easy wallet to use. You can download the app for your mobile and desktop. 

Blockchain is very similar to the Exodus Wallet and offers just as many features.

Please note that, nor are associated with Localcoin in any way and these options represent personal recommendation. Any issue or question relating to the either of these wallet providers should be directed to their respective support lines. 

*Once setup, please write down the 12 words on a piece of paper and keep it safe. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE! This is your backup phrase and anyone with these 12 words will be able to steal your bitcoin. This backup phrase is used to recover your bitcoin if you happen to delete the app or lose access to your phone.*