You will buy a Flexepin voucher for a certain amount, then redeem this voucher for bitcoin on Localcoin. The bitcoin  will be sent to the bitcoin address on Leolist to pay your ad.

You will need: 

1. Obtain the bitcoin address from Leolist. One of the options to pay for your ad should be "cryptocurrencies." Select this option, then select "bitcoin." You will be given a long set of numbers/letters (usually starting with a 1 or 3). This is the bitcoin address where you need to make the payment. Copy this address and paste it on the bottom portion on the first step on our website here.

2. A Flexepin voucher. These are a one time gift voucher you can redeem for bitcoin. You can buy them here:

Once purchased, you will need to input the PIN (16 digits) on the top portion on our website here.

3. A Canadian phone number (No Landlines or VOIP numbers) 

Once you have all these items, you can proceed to our website to pay for your Leolist ad.