1. The job/employment scam takes advantage of those who are seeking work.
  2. Individuals are offered a job without needing to have an in-person meeting with the employer. The target is asked to receive money from an unknowingly-compromised bank account.
  3. They are then asked to withdraw cash in order to purchase bitcoins. These bitcoins are, in turn, sent to the wallet address of the scammer.
  4. Demographic of targets: The elderly, recent immigrants, the young (students with little knowledge of legal systems), and workers who receive payment under the table.

How it Works

The scammer will contact a job seeker through email or a phone call, and offer them a job. If the job seeker believes that this job offer is legitimate, they will accept their offer and follow the scammer's subsequent instructions. 

The instructions will involve funneling money from a compromised bank account controlled by the scammer, into the target’s bank account; this is done via Interac e-Transfer or with a cheque. The target will then be instructed to withdraw most of the transferred money, with the difference being the target’s compensation. The target is then requested to use the withdrawn money to purchase bitcoins at a Bitcoin ATM and send the BTC to the scammer's wallet address. When the compromised bank account holder discovers money missing, they will report it to their local authorities, who will ask the bank to reverse the transaction. After the transaction is reversed, the target will be left at a loss, having already withdrawn the money sent to them.

Prevention: Stay Alert

The majority of jobs will require a physical presence for an interview. Always be skeptical when being offered a job. Be particularly cautious of any jobs that claim to be ‘remote’ or ‘work-from-home’. Be wary of any job offers made on-the-spot, through an email or a phone call, and without an interview. It is also very important that you never accept money transfers from anyone you do not know. Most certainly, the chances are that the funds are coming from a compromised bank account. A job will also most certainly never involve conducting business out of a target’s personal bank account. Any job that is easy to obtain, with easy pay, is most likely too good to be true. It is always good to have a healthy dose of skepticism.

Sample Job Scam

Hello ******** *****,

My name is Mark Lantrip.
I am Sr. Human Resources Manager at ConstructConnect Canada, Inc.
("ConstructConnect Canada").

I came across your resume on an online job board (Indeed) and wanted
to reach out to you to see if you or someone you know might
be interested in a contract opportunity.

We are looking for Commercial Account Manager Assistant.
We are looking for an individual who is proactive, self
motivated, energetic.

What ConstructConnect Canada can offer you:
• Winner of Best Workplaces (Benefits, Perks & Incentives)
• Flexible hours / Casual work environment
• Training Budget
• Competitive Benefits Package
• Awesome new development machines (full accessories & dual monitor)
• Salary for Full time: 40 hours/week (1320 CAD)
• Salary for Part time: 20 hours/week (660 CAD)

• Place of residence Canada
• Organization skills for successful workday planning
• You have customer service and computer skills
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively
• Knowledge of the PC and basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Finding the right job is hard work.
It takes time and effort to get to know a company – to be sure it’s
the kind of place where you can make an impact, somewhere you want
to invest your talent and energy, and do your life’s work.
We’d like to save you some of that effort by applying to you, first.

If you’re impactful, ambitious, and passionate about shaping the
future of commerce, check out our resume and reply this email.
We will begin your employment.

If you are not interested, please let us know and we will
not bother you again.

If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would prefer
I contact you at some later date, please indicate your date
of availability so that I may honor your request.


Mark Lantrip
Sr. Human Resources Manager
ConstructConnect Canada, Inc.
3760 14th Avenue, 6th Floor
Markham, Ontario L3R 3T7
Tel: 1-800-465-6475