Flexepin is a fast, safe, and anonymous way for making online purchases, including Bitcoin. Buying a Flexepin Voucher is similar to buying a gift card. The Flexepin Voucher will come in the form of a paper receipt and will contain a 16-digit code to redeem.

Here is a quick overview of the process to redeem a Flexepin Voucher with Localcoin:

  1. Purchase a Flexepin voucherĀ online or at participating retailers across Canada

  2. Redeem the voucher by inputting the 16-digit codeĀ Here; you will also need the Bitcoin address of where you would like to receive your bitcoins.

  3. You will need to verify a few verification details for your order, and an SMS message will be sent to your phone to confirm the purchase

  4. We'll send you the Bitcoin you've purchased!

Here's a short video, summing up what Flexepin is, and how to use it: