1. Please visit 1 of the 3 available locations in Ontario to sell (Downtown Toronto, Woodbridge, or Scarborough)

2. Once you get to the machine, click "Bitcoin", then click "Sell", then read and accept our terms of use

3. Enter the amount your would like to receive in cash (You will be asked in a Canadian Dollar amount) 

4. Enter your phone number

5. A receipt with the bitcoin address and the amount of bitcoins to send will be printed on a paper receipt 

6. Send EXACTLY the amount of bitcoin to the address on the receipt by scanning the QR code on the receipt with your bitcoin wallet app. 

7. Please wait 6 confirmations for the bitcoin to arrive in our wallet 

8. Once we receive 6 confirmations (about 1 hour), you will receive a text message that your receipt is ready to be redeemed 

9. Go back to the machine and select "Redeem" and scan the QR code on the receipt on the ATM machine 

10. Your cash will now be dispensed from the machine